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Compac Group is a manufacture and distributor of high-quality paints under the TVB brand since 1993 with the objective to create and develop new products to satisfy various needs  of the  market,under the aleading supplier of Taveepaibul Co., Ltd. And manufacturer of Compac Industries Co.,Ltd
For 30 years. The ,the company has produced premium quality products to the market. Our  products have always been recognized as excellent paint products that beautiful shades,without discoloration, anti-color peeling and worthwhileness for money . Our premium products are available in more than 3,000 retailed stores coverage in every district nationwide. Moreover, our products have been entrusted to be sold in many countries in Asia and Middle East.In the near future,the company trends to develop the products to fulfill wider area of customers’needs such as,the paints production for household usage and also to expand into the automotive sector.

In addition to high-quality paint products.compac Group also focuses on the issue of services to satises to satisfy the customers constantly

OUR on-demand paints production  with multiple-choice of choice of colors and shades is able to produce at any quantity, whether large or small amount,with the great guarantee that the paints will not discoloration and perfectly beautiful in every gallon.

With our consulting sevice to all solutions of product usage by our professional lab ataffs who are always ready to provide every assistance of any problem to our customers.

Offer closely attention to our dealers in counseling and constantly supply products even a small amout of purchase.Moreover,we are willing without eatra charge added




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